Our Team


Vince Contreras CEO

Passionate to customer service, building relationships and growing the business. Highly motivated and energized, always looks for new ways to deliver value to our clients as well as opening new doors in the furniture industry. Vince has been in the furniture industry since 1998.

Favorite quote: “Don’t get comfortable, always stay competitive and aggressive”.

Office Phone: (510) 887-9000 x:203

Cell Phone: (510) 455-0558

Email: Vince@allmodularsystems.com

JP Valera COO

JP is our Field/Outside Operations Specialist. With over 24 years in the office furniture industry, all as a union modular installer- including the last 14 years as a master foreman- there really is no one that fits this role better than JP. His wealth of knowledge and experience covers a wide range, from managing multiple-floor projects to offering extensive training to new employees.

Cell Phone: (510) 455-1996

Email: Juan@allmodularsystems.com


Lou Bettino Vice President of Sales

Cell Phone: (510) 209-6700

Email: Lou@allmodularsystems.com

First job: “Wrangler” at a “Dude Ranch” named Sunnycroft Ponderosa

What you do in your free time: My Family and their related activities is definitely the focus my life. On occasions when I find myself alone with my lady we will take off on the Harley to a nice restaurant , or ride along the coast for the day.

Favorite sport: Drag Racing – Top Fuel !

Your greatest accomplishment: This is a work in progress as my kid is not fully grown, yet.

Gabriella Medellin Operations Manager
Office Phone: (510) 887-9000 x:205

Cell Phone: (510) 455-0249

First job:   Contra Costa Times Newspaper Delivery
What you do in your free time:  Family sports (Soccer) and Couponing

Favorite sport: Soccer

Your greatest accomplishment: When my kids are grown and successful this will be my greatest accomplishment.

Roy Toledo Controller

Office Phone: (510) 825-4100

Email: Roy@allmodularsystems.com

First job: Telemarketing

What you do in your free time: Traveling, 49ers games, A’s games, hiking, being outdoors… Staying active.

Favorite sport: Football

Your greatest accomplishment: Graduating College

Peter Grayson Sr. Account Manager
& Business Development

Cell Phone: (510) 512-.2244

Email: PeterG@allmodularsystems.com

First job: The Broadcast Monitoring Company in London – I was cold calling to sell video tapes and audio tapes of news to companies appearing on TV and Radio in the UK. There must be an App for that now…

What you do in your free time: Spending time with my family and friends mainly. But, I also love to travel, hike, camping, walking my dogs, and watching sports – especially those SF Giants!

Favorite sport: Football – also known as Soccer here!!

Your greatest accomplishment: Becoming a US Citizen.

Alfonso Galindo Estimator

Office Phone: (510) 455-0886

Cell Phone: (510) 512-3299

Email: Roy@allmodularsystems.com

First job: Roofing

What you do in your free time: Gym, spend time with family

Favorite sport: Baseball

Your greatest accomplishment: Graduating College

Sammy De Leon Senior Account/ Project Manager
Cell Phone: (510) 600-4091

Email: sammyd@allmodularsystems.com

First Job: Modular Furniture Installer

Free time: Spend time with my Family, Explore California, Outdoor activities, Play Golf, Baseball, Basketball, and Billiards.  

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Your greatest accomplishment: Won 3 junior golf tournaments in the summer of 1994

Larry Fields Estimator

Email: LarryF@allmodularsystems.com

Cell phone: (510) 246-6461

First job- Mowing lawns

Free time - Contemplating life

Favorite Sport - Underwater basket weaving

Greatest Accomplishment - Being who I am today


Patty Medina Account Coordinator

Office Phone: (510) 887-9000 ext.201

Cell Phone: (510) 359-1557

Email: pattym@allmodularsystems.com

First Job:  File Clerk

What you do in your free time: Spend time with my closest friends and family, go to concerts, and play indoor soccer

Favorite Sport: Soccer

Your greatest accomplishment: My beautiful daughters



Khristina Valera

Office Phone#: 510-887-9000 x-221

Email: khristina@allmodularsystems.com

First Job: Cal Athletics Event Management

Free time: Concerts, music festivals, cloud watching, exploring the great outdoors, going on trips...

Favorite Sport: Marathons... TV marathons. Surfing the interwebs.

Your greatest accomplishment: Raising my two adorable cats, Timon and Pumbaa. Oh, and graduating from Cal. 

Rene Martinez Account Coordinator

Office Phone: (510) 359-1555

Email: renem@allmodularsystems.com



Elicia Ponce Assets

Office Phone: (510) 887-9000 x 219

First Job: Black Angus Steakhouse

Free time: Spend time with family & friends.

Favorite Sport: Basketball (Go Dubs!!)

Your greatest accomplishment: My son


Sabrina Ortegon Account Coordinator

Office Phone#: 510-887-9000 Ext 212

Cell Phone: (510) 909-4390

Email: sabrinao@allmodularsystems.com

First Job: MET Laboratories

Free time: Read

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Your greatest accomplishment: Family and Education


Joseph Leakes Assets Manager

Office Phone: (510) 887-9000 x218

Cell Phone: (510) 909-5143

Email: Josephl@allmodularsystems.com

First Job: My first summer job I was a custodian at the same elementary school that I had gone to

Free time: My free time is spent with my two kids, I can't think of any better way to spend it then activities with them

Favorite Sport: Football, Baseball, currently into snowboarding

My greatest accomplishment: My two kids


Manuel Cardenes Dispatcher
Cell Phone: (510) 600-4102

Email: dispatcher@allmodularsystems.com

First Job: In 7th grade I was a busboy

Free time: Run

Favorite Sport: Football

Your greatest accomplishment: Having my son.


Sandra Zambrano Accounting Assistant/Accounts Receivable

Office Phone: (510) 887-9000 x:207

Email: Sandra@allmodularsystems.com

First job: Telemarketer - (timeshares)

What you do in your free time: I love the outdoors...hiking in the neighborhood mountains, or on the weekends you will most likely find me at the beach enjoying the ocean view and taking in the fresh ocean air.

Favorite sport: Boxing & Football - Let's go Niners!!

Your greatest accomplishment: My greatest achievement so far would have to be overcoming my doubts in my ability's as a person.

Margarita Valera Payroll/Human Resources

Cell Phone: (925) 595-0485

Email: Maggie@allmodularsystems.com

First job: “Kentucky Fried Chicken” and “Margarita’s Restaurant” back in my high school years!!!!

What you do in your free time: My free time is all for my family. We like to go to the movies .Walks to the park with our dearest dog Simba. Visit our parents and my grandmother.

Favorite drink: Chai-tea latte extra-extra HOT….It has to be from STARBUCKS!!!!!

Your greatest accomplishment: Of course my job (present). Raising my children and getting them the best education.

Narciso Llanes Saftey Admin.

Office number: ext 213

Cell: phone 510-294-0292

First Job: Melissa’s World Variety picked orders of dried chilies and produce while driving a pallet jack inside a refrigerated warehouse in Los Angeles

In my free time: I enjoy time with family. Watch movies,hikes and during summer, BBQ by the pool.

Favorite sport: MMA and Foot Ball 

Greatest Accomplishment: My children’s grades and overall demeanor. 


Leslie DeLa Cruz Accounts Payable

Office Phone: (510) 887-9000 x 217

Email: leslie@allmodularsystems.com

First job: Project Development Assistant

What you do in your free time: Spend it with my family (play badminton)

Favorite sport: Badminton

Your greatest accomplishment: Will be when my kids graduate college

Shipping and Receiving please call 510.887.9000 x201 and x210